E-Commerce: How to Add a New Product - Recurring Payment

This article will show you had to add a recurring product payment to the engage platform.


1. First select "Product Manager" from the tools section of Engage (1) then click on the "Add a Product" box (2)

2. Now you will need to enter in details of your product or service

A - Enter in your product name or title.

B - Enter the description of your product.

C - Select a product image (Be sure to upload this to your media center beforehand) and set the price of your product

D - Set your product start date and optionally you can set the end date or a product quantity. Then enter your recurring price (This will charge at the end of each installment date)

E - To make the product recurring select the recurring check box then enter the amount in days you would like to lapse between payments

F - If you would like to set a fixed amount of installments check the box then enter the amount of installments you would like.

G - Add your tag(s) so you can easily find your products later.

You are have now completed a recurring payment setup for your product or service.

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