Engage Pro: How to Create an MMS Autoresponder

MMS Autoresponder 

  Please note: phone companies do not allow SMS/MMS messages to be sent to or from toll-free numbers.  If you want to send SMS/MMS messages you will need to have a local phone number.

Accepted file types and limitations: Typically, if a file appears in the MMS picker then it meets the criteria below. It is important to note that different carriers (Verizon, AT&T, etc) may not support all file types.

  • Supported Video Files: .mp4, .m4v, .ogv, .flv, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .webm. The system will transcode your video into the .mp4 and .webm formats. Must be 30 seconds or less.
  • Supported Image Files: .png, .jpeg, .jpg and .gif (no size limitation)
  • Supported Audio Files: .mp3, .m4a, .wav,  .aiff , .mov (audio only). Must be 600kb or less.

To create an MMS Autoresponder:

1.  Navigate to campaign, hover over the name and click the View button.
2.  Click on Autoresponders tab from the campaign dashboard.
3.  Now click on Add SMS option on the left side of the toolbar.

4.  You need to select when you want to deliver the MMS message.  

Options are:


    • Instantly After Subscribed 
    • Later After Subscribed
    • Before Event Starts
    • After Event Starts
    • Before Event Ends
    • After Event Ends
    • Instantly after Unsubscribed
    • Before Birthday
    • After Birthday
    • Before Anniversary
    • After Anniversary


  • Additional fields appear depending on the option selected.  For example, if you select Later After Subscribed, you need to enter a number in the box and then select either Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks or Months.



  •  bulb_dim.png  It is important to remember a specific time of the day is relevant to subscribers time zone (if detectable).  For example:  If you set a message to go out at 11:00 AM and you two subscribers one on the East Coast and another on the West Coast.  Each subscriber receives the message at 11:00 AM in their time zone.  If the system can not detect the subscribers time zone, then the system uses the default time zone setup in View Profile - Profile & Preferences - Account Settings tab.




5.  Send message to:  The default is to Send to Everyone.  

      • Send To Everyone
      • Mobile Number is Blank
      • Email Address is Blank (Excludes Call-In Subscribers)
      • Email Is Present
      • Mailing Address is Blank
      • Name is Blank
      • Email Receipt or Purchase Has Been Validated
      • Email Receipt or Purchase Has NOT Been Validated
      • Attending Event When This Message Is Scheduled To Be Sent
      • Not Attending Event When This Message Is Scheduled To Be Sent
      • Was Present At Event
      • Was Not Present At Event
      • Was Present but Left Early
      • Was Present but Arrived Late
      • Was Present but Left Early OR Arrived Late
      • Was Present and Completed Entire Event
      • Is Member
      • Is Not A Member
      • Is ICR2 Free Account
      • Is ICR2 Premium Account


  • bulb_dim.png  Please note:  The message length is limited to 160 characters, but we have reserved 32 characters for the mandatory opt-out.  The remaining characters can be used for gathering missing subscriber information such as phone number or mailing address.  

6.  Now  type your message.  There is HTML (stylized fonts, images and links) and Plain Text (useful for those that only receive plain text) formats available. The system can automatically copy the HTML format into the Plain Text box.  Remember you only have 128 free characters.  

7.  Click Through URL - The click-through URL is for tracking open "clicks" on the link provided in your HTML email message. The URL entered in this field should be the page that you want to direct people to.  See knowledge base topic What is the click-through URL? for more information.




8.  Select any Tags (merge fields) you wish to use in your message.  For example, the {firstname} tag could be used to personalize your message.



9. Attach MMS File.

  • ON: If selected you will then have the option to select Video, Image or Audio file types. Once the option is selected, the available files will be displayed below. You will need to have uploaded the file to your Media Center prior to this step. See above for a breakdown of acceptable file types.
  • OFF: No MMS will be sent. This will be an SMS instead.

10.  If you would like to use Allow Replies for an existing autoresponder.  Hover your mouse over the autoresponder and select Edit button.  Please see knowledge base topics Autoresponder Allow Replies for more information.

11.  Always send message.

  • ON:  If selected, the message will be sent even if the field is already populated.
  • OFF: If selected field is already populated the message will be skipped and the next message in the sequence will be triggered.

Allow message to go out to existing customers within correct time sequence 

  • Select this option if you are editing an existing Campaign and you want to insert a new message into the sequence.  
  • For example let's say you have an Autoresponder set to go out 4 days after opt-in and another going 6 days after opt-in.  You now want to insert a new message into the sequence 5 days after opt-in. This option will send the new 5 days after opt-in message to all users opted in within the last 4 days.  Any users that have been on your list for more than 5 days, will not receive the message.  By not selecting this option, the message only goes out to people that opt-in from this point forward.

12.  Send a test copy of this message upon saving - To send a test SMS autoresponder, enter in a valid 10 digit phone number that is capable of receiving text messages.  


13.  Select a Podcast for this Autoresponder - Select the Podcast from the drop-down list.

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