Engage Pro: Digital Hub Maker (Web Version)

The Digital Hub Maker allows you to integrate a membership site, interactive livecast and a podcast into one single portal with a home page.

A Digital Hub can be created from a template or added to an existing campaign. If you already have a campaign that you'd like to create Digital Hub for, please skip to step 8.

To create a Digital Hub:

At the top of the Instant Customer dashboard, hover over the Launcher Icon (shown below).

The following options are displayed in the dropdown menu:

  • View All Campaigns - Click this to view your existing campaigns.
  • Launch Campaign - Click this to create a new campaign.
  • Upload Campaign - Click this to upload a campaign.

1. Click Launch Campaign from the menu. You will be brought to the Campaign Launcher page.

2. Choose which type of campaign you would like to create. 

3. In this case, you'll want to select Membership:

4. After selecting Membership, a description of what that particular campaign is intended for and a flow to better understand how it works is displayed.

5. Click on the "Launch Campaign" button. Now you will see the wizard screen with Option 1 - Fast Custom Setup Wizard or Option 2 - Faster! Express Setup Wizard.  We recommend starting with the Custom Setup Wizard to  help you with the more advanced concepts of building a campaign and to decrease editing time. 

6. Answer the questions presented in the sequence of dialog boxes.

7. Upon completion the option to View Campaign or Go to my site appear on the screen. Keep in mind that you can edit your campaign at any time.

  • View Campaign: This takes you to your campaign dashboard. Here you can do a number of things such as: Add and edit Autoresponders and Broadcasts, Add Links, Add Zaps, and if you scroll down to the bottom you can click the Launch Instant Builder button to edit the pages created.
  • Go to my site: This will take you right to your site so you can see view the actual pages created as part of the campaign wizard process.

8. To edit your site, you'll want to select View Campaign and then "Edit" to select the pages to be used in your Digital Hub Maker.

After clicking on "Edit", navigate to Opt-in Channels and then Webpages. Under IBv3, make sure the toggle Enable Digital Hub is set to ON.

9. Select your banner (note that it must first be uploaded to your media center).

  • The recommended banner size is 1500px x 100px.

10. Select the pages to be used for:

  • Home Page
  • Membership Page
  • Event Page
  • Podcast

Note: Although this is within a specific campaign, the pages can be selected from other campaigns as well.

11. Select the Navigation Color (Light or Dark).

12. Click "Save and Exit".

A new page is added to the campaign called Digital Hub. You can then modify your Hub Home Page by clicking the "Launch Instant Builder v3.0" button.

13. Once you've entered the Instant Builder, you'll be able to edit your Hub Home Page as you would with any other campaign page:

Note: The Hub HomePage is a preview of what the page looks like, it is not the ACTUAL Digital hub. No banner or menu will be present as it's just the content for the page, not the hub itself.

Note: Instructions for editing Instant Builder pages are provided in a separate Knowledge Base article.

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