Engage: How To Create A Multicasting Submission - VideoCasting

This article will guide you through 3 easy steps to create a Multicast Submission - Videocast.

Hover over the "Publish" icon and select "Create New Multicast":

On the Quick Submit page, select "Videocast":

This will bring you to Step 1 - Settings.

Enter in the Videocast Title, select a template if one exists, then select the Profile you would like to use for the submission.

In the dropdown box that appears, select the "Delivery Option". The choices are:

  • Now (these are submitted right away)
  • Scheduled (these are scheduled for a specific date and time)

If you'd like to include a link with the submission, click the "Insert tracking link"
button. A new window will appear.

Enter in the link, click the "Get Link" button for the shortlink and then click the "Save Changes" button.

Click "Next"

This will bring you to Step 2 - Broadcast:

From here, select the network (video site) you'd like to publish to.

  • If you added a tracking link, that link will automatically show in your description. Add in additional description information as needed.

Select your category from the drop down menu and whether or not you'd like to allow comments and embedding.

To add a video, click the "Add video" button. This will open a new window that
contains your Media Files. Select the file you'd like and a thumbnail will be displayed below.

If you'd like to publish this to another site, as well, click on Cross-
Promote and select the social site(s), add in any note you'd like included and then click the "Next" button. 

Note: Cross-Promoting is not available for other video sites. A new submission will need to be created.

This will bring you to Step 3 - Publish:

You'll then have the option to either save it as a template for future submissions or to just publish your Socialcast by clicking the "Publish" button.

Note: Recurring or Scheduled casts can not be saved as Templates.

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