SMS Autoresponders and / or Broadcast only send (Txt HELP 4 help; STOP 2 quit)

SMS Autoresponders and / or Broadcast only send (Txt HELP 4 help; STOP 2 quit)

Possible Problem:  Smart Punctuation

  • Some word processing applications, like Word Perfect and Pages, take the standard straight punctuation like quotes and apostrophes produced by your keyboard and turn them into "smart" punctuation.
  • Smart punctuation is curved toward the word it's involved in; it's prettier, it's typographically correct, and SMS can't handle it.

Smart punctuation:         “ ” ’

Standard punctuation:    " " '

  • So when you type your SMS message in a word processor, the punctuation is converted to smart punctuation.
  • When you copy and paste the message into Instant Customer, the smart punctuation causes the SMS message to fail, leaving only "(Txt HELP 4 help; STOP 2 quit)".

Smart Punctuation Solution:

  • If you've already got your message in Instant Customer, delete the punctuation from the message, then type the punctuation directly into the IC browser window.
  • The most common cause of failed SMS is apostrophes, followed by quotation marks, but it could be any punctuation: Dashes, slashes, tildes, brackets, you name it. If your message isn't going out, replace them all.

Smart Punctuation Prevention:

  • Type your messages directly into the browser window. Browsers don't use smart punctuation, so your messages will be fine.
  • Type your messages in a piece of software that doesn't use smart punctuation, like TextEdit on Mac and Notepad on Windows.
  • Turn off smart punctuation before writing your messages.


Possible Problem: Special Characters

  • The contents of the SMS are translatable. You can find the SMS autoresponders in your campaign under the Autoresponders tab. 
  • However, it's important to know due to variances in SMS operating systems, native language settings, carriers; encoding the received message may not appear as originally sent.  
  •   For example:  some characters like ø, ~ and æ will blank the text of the SMS, leaving only the STOP/HELP message.

Special Character Prevention:

  • Follow these tips to avoid inter-carrier SMS issues:
    • If the person who receives your SMS says that it doesn't appear correctly, try sending a simple SMS like "Test" to verify that you can send and receive standard text.
    • Try to limit use of non-ASCII characters and symbols. These can include:
      • Characters in some languages, including Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.
      • Letters with accents (å, é, ö, and so on).
      • Non-ASCII symbols ( ● ¢ ¼ ).


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