Transfer All Subscribers - Subscriber Tab

Transfer All Subscribers - Subscriber Tab

You can transfer subscribers between campaigns is through the campaign dashboard using the methods described here. Transferring subscribers between accounts follows the rules for list import below. By default, all transfers are removed from the source campaign.

bulb_dim.png  Please note: subscribers are deleted from the original campaign when transferred.

Transfer all subscribers in the campaign

1.  Go to the campaign dashboard --> Subscribers tab and click Active option on the toolbar.  
2.  Scroll down to Options for Entire Result Set --> Transfer Subscribers.
Choose a campaign to  transfer your subscriber from the drop list. 
3.  Click Transfer button. 2014-03-25_1257.png
4.  A confirmation message appears.  
5.  Please confirm the campaign number and the number of subscribers you are transferring before you select OK to continue.

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