Automatic Recharge

What is Automatic Recharge? 

Instant Customer requires that you set an auto-recharge level in the event that you run out of points. This will allow your campaigns to automatically continue to function as needed. You can also have the system send you alerts informing you of a low point balance.

From the orange Information bar click on the down arrow to the right of account holders name and select View Profile.  


  • Automatically Recharge – This shows the amount of points to recharge after your account falls below a specified level, you can pick from different amounts within the drop down menu.  You can also receive an email when your points fall below a specified level.  bulb_dim.png It is good practice to set this to 1,000 points so you will have ample notification.


Automatic Recharge has 3 settings:

1.  Send me an email when my points fall below:  The system will send an email when you reach a specific point level. Best Practice is to set this above your recharge trigger, so you can decide whether to let the auto-charge go through or buy points manually.

2.  When my account falls below: This is the point level that will trigger an auto-recharge. Best Practice is to set this according to your activity; since there may be a small delay in billing confirmation, higher activity levels should have a bigger cushion to avoid any interruption of service.

3.  Automatically recharge:  How many points to automatically recharge when the Auto-recharge trigger is reached. Best Practice is to set this according to your activity; since multiple billing attempts on the same card over a short time span can trigger anti-fraud measures on your card, higher activity levels should use a larger auto-charge amount to avoid any interruption of service.  

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  Managed Accounts automatic recharge settings are different from other packages.

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