One Click Opt-in Link (for 3rd party autoresponders)

One Click Opt-in Link (for 3rd party autoresponders)

What is a one-click opt-in link?

A one-click opt-in link is a URL you can send to an existing list that will subscribe people who click on it to Instant Customer.  It is one easy way to import a list from another mailer is to use a one click subscribe link.

One-click links for various mailers can be found in Campaign> Edit> Opt-in Channels> Email tab.

Using a one click subscribe link

1. Go to Campaign> Edit> Opt-in Channels> Email tab.
2. Click View Details
3. Select the provider your list is currently in.  In this example, MailChimp.
4. Copy the link provided, then mail that link to your existing list (in this example MailChimp list).

5. Users who click on the link in the email will automatically be subscribed to your campaign.

Tips for using a One Click Opt-in Link 

  • FreebiesWe suggest offering a freebie to increase opens and clicks. If you've got a product with a high price point, you can offer an iPad or an Apple TV. If your margins are slimmer, you can offer an instructional video, a few business tips, or a coupon. Including an offer improves response rates significantly, and there are offers for any budget.
  • Test thoroughly - Test your link before sending it live! Subscribe to your external campaign using the link you generated to make sure it's formatted correctly for your list, and all the data comes through clearly. Sending out a link that doesn't work for any reason will cost you goodwill, always test thoroughly before going live.

  • Successful One Click Opt-in Link - Subscriber will appear in Subscriber list with a subscription method of Click.

  • But not everyone will click the link! - Consider it a method of maintaining your list's hygiene. Sending mail to a bunch of people who aren't interested in your product costs money, increases your opt-outs, and increases the likelihood that your material will be flagged as spam, which may interrupt the delivery of your message. Using a one-click link to subscribe your list makes sure that your list will contain interested individuals that want to hear from you.


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