Interactive Messaging

Interactive Messaging

When creating interactive messages you can populate specific fields with replies from your subscribers. Interactive messaging is a great way to gather additional contact data on your subscriber. For example you may have their name and phone number but maybe you want to ask them for their email, city, zip or even a specific custom question. This is where interactive messaging can be very powerful. 

  • Instant Customer tries to help you automatically gather this subscriber data.
  • When a subscriber gives you their phone number Instant Customer seeks the the metro area for that number resides.
  • This usually tells you the city or state the subscriber is from.
  • Instant Customer will automatically populate those fields for you.
  • If you are sending messages asking for replies to fields that are already populated, then Instant Customer by default will skip the message.

Interactive Messaging Example:

1.  You ask someone to text in their name and email.

2.  Instant Customer populates the Name and Email fields.

  • At the same time Instant Customer recognizes the City and State for the phone number.

3.  You create an interactive SMS message with the following settings:

  • Allow Replies On
  • Populate Subscriber Field with Reply
  • After Receiving Reply, Send Immediate Followup Autoresponder

Message 1: Thanks for subscribing. Please tell me your Street Address. [[ you set the reply to this question to populate the Address field ]]

Message 2: Great, now tell me the Company Name. [[ you set the reply to this question to populate the Company field ]]

Message 3: Last question - what is your Website URL? [[ you set the reply to this question to populate the Website URL field ]].


  Please note:  In this example, Message 3 was not sent to the subscriber.  This is because Instant Customer was able to determine the Website URL based on the Subscribers email address.





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