Translating Instant Customer

Translating Instant Customer

Instant Customer does not have a built in translator.  We recommend you use an online translation service such as Google Translate (free at time of article publication)

Special Characters for Foreign Languages 

Instant Customer Web Pages, Email Autoresponders and Email Broadcasts do support special characters for foreign languages. 


  Please note:  The Activity Log will not record these special characters used in autoresponders and/or broadcasts.  

SMS Caveat!

  • The contents of the SMS are translatable. You can find the SMS autoresponders in your campaign under the Autoresponders tab. 
  • However, it's important to know due to variances in SMS operating systems, native language settings, carriers; encoding the received message may not appear as originally sent.  
  •   For example:  some characters like ø, ~ and æ will blank the text of the SMS, leaving only the STOP/HELP message.
  • Follow these tips to avoid inter-carrier SMS issues:
    • If the person who receives your SMS says that it doesn't appear correctly, try sending a simple SMS like "Test" to verify that you can send and receive standard text.
    • Try to limit use of non-ASCII characters and symbols. These can include:
      • Characters in some languages, including Russian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic.
      • Letters with accents (å, é, ö, and so on).
      • Non-ASCII symbols ( ● ¢ ¼ ).

The STOP/HELP text is not customizable.

The STOP/HELP text reads as follows: (Txt HELP 4 help; STOP 2 quit)
The STOP/HELP text at the end of each SMS message is set by the system and is not user modifiable; it cannot be translated.


The contents of the email can be translated.  However, the system adds the following to the bottom of the email:

  • Subscribed Date/Time (can not be modified)
  • Mailing Address For Email Footer for CAN-SPAM (can be modified on Opt-in Channels > Email tab)
  • To Update Your Information or Unsubscribe, Click Here: (can not be modified)

Web Forms

  • You can change the Value text.
  • For Example:  
      • First Name text:  value="First name*" in Spanish would be  value="nombre de pila*"
      • Mobile Phone text:  value="Mobile number*" in Spanish would be value="número de teléfono móvil*"

In this example, a reat time HTML editor was used to render the results.


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