Membership Site Security

Membership Site Security

The below examples are from a campaign created via the AEMM3 - IB3: Instant Product Machine template.


1.  First setup the link to the Membership site {member_link} tag.  

  • This can be done via the wizard or at a later time by editing the Customize > member_link Tag > Value Column.

In this example, I am using the actual URL to the membership page but the link URL can be set to an external site or even a URL to a PDF or Video located in your Media Center.

2.  Membership

  • Paid Membership:  User purchases access to Membership site via the Lead Page.  In this example, the buy button (Checkout) is linked to Paypal. However, you can select different buttons, use redirect buttons to different sites or embed shopping cart buttons.
  • Free Membership:  Just use a Web Form so user can subscribe to the campaign.

3.  The Thank You page, displays the user Security Token

4.  The subscriber also receives an autoresponder that contains the Member Link {member_link} tag.



4.  Subscriber clicks on the email to access the Membership Page.

Token Based Security

  • Rather than a username and password, Instant Customer's membership page uses IP address tracking and token based security.
  • When you send your subscriber the {member_link} tag, they receive a personalized link that includes a token (like a password) that allows them to access your member site.
  • People without a valid membership link cannot access your member site.
  • In addition to requiring the membership link, we also track IP addresses for added security.
  • A particular membership token can only be used from 4* of IP addresses.
  • If a user shares their membership link, and the link is used by too many different IP addresses, then that membership link is frozen for a 24* hours and no new person using that link cannot access the membership site.

Is the membership link secure?

  • Yes. We consider the membership link to be superior to a simple username and password, because with a simple username and password the user can share their login information and anyone can access your content without paying.
  • Whereas with our membership link and IP address tracking, even if your users share their membership link, extra users won't be able to log in, and if they do then your user may get locked out, which should teach them not to share their membership link.

How do I resend the access link?

  • Go into the auto responder that originally sent them the link.
  • Turn on test message at the bottom, then send the subscriber a test copy of the message.
  • The email will contain the membership link.

How do I configure access settings?

When you turn on your membership page in the Websites tab, you'll be presented with three options.


Support email address: This is the email address that will be shown to people who cannot access your member site because there have been too many access attempts.

Approved number of IP address: This is the number of IP addresses a particular membership link can be used from without locking out further attempts. Defaults to 4. For example, if a user uses their membership link from home, from work, from their phone, and from a coffee shop wifi, then they're fine. But the fifth attempt to access the membership site using that person's membership link will fail, and they'll be presented with an error message instructing them to contact your support email.

Duration for which each IP address will be active: Measured in hours. Default is 24 hours. Each IP address has a reserved login for this duration. If this number is increased, then the system will wait longer before releasing the previous IP address, and you're more likely to exclude users who share their membership link, or who log in from many different locations.

One of my users can't log in to the membership site, what do I do?

Have they logged in from a number of different IP addresses, or have they shared their membership link?
Either way, you can clear a subscriber's IP list, allowing them to access the membership site.

I still don't understand this membership link thing, can I get an example?

At 8 am, your user views your member site from home. That's one IP address reserved for 24 hours. He then checks in from a coffee shop on the way to work (two IP addresses reserved). Then he views your member site from work, and on his phone (IP addresses three and four). All four IP addresses are in use, so if he shared his membership token, that person would be IP address five and would not be able to access your membership site. Or if the other person had logged in before your user, then when your user tried to access the site from his phone, he would receive an error message. At 8 am the next day, the original IP address will be released by the system, and a new IP can access the membership site.

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