SMS Broadcasts

SMS Broadcasts 

  Please Note: To ensure accuracy in your target audience as well as reporting; never reuse / resend a broadcast that has a status of Completed.


  Please Note:  Global Broadcast appear at the top of the Instant Customer screen. Broadcast created from the Global Broadcast screens will not display on the campaign level broadcast tab.

From the top of the screen click the SMS under heading Broadcasts.

Now click Add SMS to add an SMS text broadcast. 

Send broadcast to:

This dropdown menu enables you to choose who you want to send your message to. Depending on your message, it may be a good idea to target a specific group of subscribers.

Broadcast Message 

  • There are 127 characters total in a broadcast message.
  • 40 characters are reserved for the SMS Confirmation Message.


  • Tags are another great tool within Instant Customer. 
  • To add a tag to your email, simply click +{tag} and then choose which tag you wish to add into your message.
  • Instant Customer will then populate the tag with the correct information.


Allowing Replies


  • SMS broadcast allows you to accept replies to your email from your subscribers.
  • Switch the button to On to view available options.
  • You can change the reply setting at any time.
  • Options are:
    1. Forwarding Replies - Forward reply to an email address.
    2. Populate Subscriber Field - Use it to populate a field. For example, if your message asks subscribers what city they live in, you can populate the "city" field with their reply. 

After Receiving Reply, Send Immediate Followup Autoresponder

  • If you want to respond to the subscribers' reply, you can do that.
  • Just switch the button on the left to On, and you see a message box just like the one above. 
  • You can respond a total of four times per broadcast, putting you at five total messages to your subscriber.


Broadcast status

  • Pending - System prompts you for Execute Date & Execute Time
  • Immediate - Sends broadcast Immediately after saving.
  • Saved - Save for Later. 


 Always send message

  • ON:  If selected, the message is sent even if the field is already populated.
  • OFF: If selected field is already populated the message is skipped and the next message in the sequence is triggered. 

Send a test copy of this message upon saving

  • To send a test SMS autoresponder, enter in valid 10 digit phone number that is capable of receiving text messages.    

Target Audience

  • All campaigns


  • Select campaigns - Select target campaigns for this broadcast by clicking on the campaigns. Deselect by clicking a campaign again

Saving Your Email Broadcasts

  • When all of the components of your email Broadcasts have been set up, click Save.


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