Custom Greeting Message - Replace Default Message

Custom Greeting Message - Replace Default Message 

Options include:

  • Upload a file from your computer
  • Record a file using Instant Customer's inbuilt teleprompter and Instant Recorder
  • If you use an iPhone, use the Voice Memo or Camera app to record your message. Then click Share and enter the email address: to have it sent directly into the system.
  • Chose a file from your existing audio files on Instant Customer



  • Listen to your custom greeting on the Campaign Dashboard.  Scroll down until you see the Audio Greeting.


Custom Message Greeting Commands with Extensions

Before you create an Extension you need to make sure the following is already setup inside your campaign.

  • local number subscribers use to dial into Instant Customer.
  • recorded custom greeting message relevant to your campaign ie: “Thank you for calling XYZ Real Estate please enter the reference number of the property you would like to receive more information on”.

Once these steps are complete you can create your Extensions.

For example,  A caller selected tension 22 recording, you could say "Press 23 to speak with my secretary about this address".


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