Add Custom Fields for Forms

Add Custom Fields to Forms

How do I create custom fields for the web form?

  • From Campaign Dashboard select Edit >Opt-in Channels > Fields tab
  • Scroll down to find Custom Fields.
  • Select ON for Add more Fields
  •  Add the name of the field and select KDA if you want reporting for it.2014-03-19_1036.png
  • Now click the Add this field button.
  • Now select the checkbox to the left of your new custom field.
  • Select Save

 bulb_dim.png  Changes are not implemented until you launch & Save the web form builder on the next tab. 

Edit or Delete Custom Field

  • To Edit:  Select the pencil icon to he right of the custom field.
  • To Delete:  Select the X icon to the right of the custom field.
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