Link / QR (Top of Screen)

Link / QR (Top of Screen)


bulb_dim.png  Please note:  If you want to associate a Link / QR to a specific campaign you need to set it up from the Link Tab on the campaign dashboard.  The purpose of Link/QR at top of the main screen is to view which Links / QR are associated to specific campaigns, to edit Short Links quickly and to delete Link / QR



View campaign associated Links / QR

  1. Click on Links/QR under the Manage section
  2. The Links Manager Screen displays the QR Link Name, the Campaign ID it is used in, the associated Link, the Type of Link, Date Created, Number of scans (time link has been clicked) and QR Image.link_manager.png
  3. If you hover your cursor over an existing link, you notice not all links can be edited only the Delete button appears.  The only type of link that can be edited is a Short Link.
  4. Click on Add New Link to view the Links QR Manager.
  5. Type in a Name for your link.  The name is for reference only. It is a good idea to name the link descriptively so you can easily identify them when viewing list in the links manager.
  6. Choose Link Type
After you input the name of the link,  a few options appear for the various types of links you can make.  Review what they do, then decide which option suits your needs. 
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