Table - HTML Element - IBv3.0

Table - HTML Element - IBv3.0

bulb_dim.png  Please Note:  IBv3.0 allows users to add HTML Elements to IBv3.0 pages.  The below example is a basic introduction for demonstration purposes only.  More advanced HTML, CSS and scripting language techniques are outside the of scope of the Help Desk support parameters. 

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  before you can add any element to a page you must first have row(s) and column(s) setup in Layout Mode

In this example, the campaign page was created via Option 2: Create a Custom Page  for instructional clarity. 

1.  If needed, switch your mode to Content Mode as elements can not  be added to a page in Layout Mode


2. Click the HTML element from the element list on the left hand side of the screen.  


3.  Now drag the HTML element  and drop it into a column container 


4.  The New HTML element is displayed on the Content Mode screen. 

5.  To edit the New HTML element:


  • Hover over the New HTML element.
  • Click the blue Edit icon.
  • The corresponding element Edit screen will appear. 

Table Example

  • Tables are defined with the <table> tag.
  • Table rows = <tr> tag. (tr stands for table row)
  • Table rows data cells =  <td> tag. (td stands for table data)
  • Table headings =  <th> tag. (th stands for table heading) 

Basic Example

Input HTML: 








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