Video Element - Add Video - IB v3.0

Video Element - Add Video - IB v3.0  

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  before you can add any element to a page you must first have row(s) and column(s) setup in Layout Mode.  Videos must first be uploaded to the media center.  If you want to add multiple videos, use the Video List element option.   

In this example, the campaign page was created via Option 2: Create a Custom Page  for instructional clarity. 

1.  If needed, switch your mode to Content Mode as elements can not  be added to a page in Layout Mode.


2. Click the Video element from the element list on the left hand side of the screen.  


3.  Now drag the Video element   2014-07-11_1437.png and drop it into a column container 


4.  The Video element should look like this on your Content Mode screen.


5.  To edit the Video element: 

  • Hover over the Icon  Video element.
  • Click the blue Edit icon.
  • The corresponding Video element Edit screen will appear.2014-08-13_0833.png 


  • Set the Alignment of the element to Left, Right, Centered or None. 


Autoplay Video


When checked, the video will automatically start playing as soon as it can do so without stopping.  


If  unchecked, the user must select the play button on the video.


Attach Cue to this Video 

  • bulb_dim.png  Please Note:  This setting can only be used on During Event Page videos.
  • This setting is used in conjunction with Event - Cue Points.  If Event - Cue Points have not been setup, the Attach Cue to this Video option will not remain selected.


  • This can only be set for one video.
  • See Knowledge Base article Event - Cue Points for more information. 

Video Source 

Media Center 

  • Videos must first be uploaded to the media center.  
  • Click here to select a video button displays list of videos in the Media Center.
  • Click on any video to select it.
  • If available, a quick snapshot of the video will appear above the button.




  • Select the Embed tab.
  • Paste your Video Embed code into the field.
  • bulb_dim.png  Please note, due to an iframe fixed width;  embedded video codes tend to break responsive web pages.  You may need to implement CSS or use a responsive embed service such as or
  • The below image displays the video source embed code after the video URL was run through a responsive embed code service.


6.  Select the Update Content button in bottom right hand corner.

  • bulb_dim.png   To save your changes select  Publish Page button.  
  • To discard changes select Close Builder button instead.



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