CNAME Subdomain IB v3.0

CNAME Subdomain IB v3.0

Please note:  the instructions below are for GoDaddy Hosting.  Your domain hosting company CNAME Alias settings should be similar.  If you need assistance, please contact your domain hosting company support department for assistance.   

The CNAME Alias for Web Pages created in Instant Builder v3.0 is 

GoDaddy Example (screen shots may vary depending on the viewing preference of "new" versus "classic" )

1.  Domains > Launch 


2.  Click domain to open the Domain Details / DNS Settings screen.  The DNS Settings screen should look similar to the screen example below. 


3.  Now select the DNS Zone File tab 


4.  On the DNS File Zone tab > Scroll down to the CNAME Alias settings


5.  Add Record for CNAME Alias


6.  On the Add Zone Record screen:

  • Record Type = CNAME (Alias)
  • Host = yoursubdomainname                  (in below example the subdomain is "pictures")
  • Points to =
  • TTL = 1 Hour


7.  Select Finish.  Your new record should appear in your CNAME Alias list.   2014-07-15_1148.png 

If you get an error saving, switch to Use Classic DNS Manager


8.  Attach SubDomain to Instant Customer to Campaign

  • From Campaign Dashboard select Edit >Opt-in Channels >Domain Name tab
  • Select Have your own domain
  • Type in the domain name into the field.  Be sure to type in      In this example


  • Click Check Availability button.  
  • After successful confirmation message select Save & Exit
  • Your Instant Customer pages  now use the selected domain to conceal the default Instant Customer URL address (










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