Edit Column - Edit Col - Layout Mode - IB v3.0

Edit Column - Edit Col -  Layout Mode - IB v3.0 

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  the commands available are dependent upon the pages current mode.  

In this example, we will look at the Edit Column or edit dol commands available in Layout Mode


  • This row contains 1 column.
  • To edit the column hover over the column content and click the blue edit col button.
  • The Template Section ID value is displayed below the edit col

Color Controls

1.  Background Opacity (for page row)

  • The background opacity level describes the transparency-level for the page Row.
  • By default, the opacity is set to 100 when you select from the Color Picker.  


  • The higher the number, the less transparent.  
  • Adjust the transparency by sliding the opacity control to the left or right.  2014-07-09_1213.png 
  • In this example, the opacity is set to 10.  The same color appears more transparent. 


  • Select the Update Content button to save your changes.
  • If you are happy with your changes then select the Publish Page button.
  • Here is the same page with column background color transparency set to 10. 

2.  Color Picker

  • Click on a preset color to add a solid colored background.
  • In this example:  A light blue preset color was selected.  


  • Click the Update Content button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen,
  • The webpage background displays the selected light blue color. 

3.  Custom Color

  • This selection provides you with a Colors window.  
  • Click on the square box to the right of the hex color value field to launch the color picker window.


  • Find a color hue by sliding the bar up and down.


  • Set the color saturation by moving your mouse between the light to dark intensities.
  •  Note:  the color hex value (in this example #4698b2 field) changes as you move your mouse.


  • Make note of the color hex value ( in this example #4698b2)  in case you would like to use this color again on another webpage.
  • Click off of the color picker box to set the color.
  • Click the Update Content button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Your webpage background displays the new color.
  • If you already have a Hex Color Value, you can type this value directly into the field (in this example #FF66CC).


  • Again, click the Update Content button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the Publish Page button to finalize your changes. 


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