Background Image Settings - Your Images - IB v3.0

Background Image Settings - Your Images -  IB v3.0

Backgrounds are the colors or designs that fill the space behind all of the objects on a page.  The background largely determines the overall perception of your site.  Each web page in your campaign can have a unique background setting.  

Change Background Settings

1.  Select the Background Settings button at the top of the Instant Builder v3.0 screen. 



2.  Select a Page Background option to change the background of your web page.  The options are separated into three tabs:   

  • Simple Color
  • Instant Customer Images
  • Your Images.

Your Images

  • This tab allows you to use one of your own images for a background.  
  • bulb_dim.png  Please note, you first  need to upload an image to your media center.  
  • The recommended size is 1600 x 1200 pixels.
  • Click the blue button to select your image.


  • After selecting the image, you can adjust your background image settings.
  • Select a Background Image Setting from the droplist:   options include Stretch, Centered, Tiled, Do Not Repeat, Repeat - Width and Repeat - Height.


Background Image Setting Examples 

Stretch:  The image is stretched both horizontally and vertically to fit the entire size of the html page. 


Centered:  The image is centered and is not repeating.


 Tiled:  This repeats the background image both horizontally (width) and vertically (height).  


Repeat - Width (Horizontally) -  repeats display of an image horizontally.


Repeat - Height (Vertically) - repeats display of an image vertically.





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