Instant Builder v3.0 Interface Navigation - Layout Mode

Instant Builder v3.0 Interface Navigation - Layout Mode

We have made the interface as intuitive as possible so it should be easy to navigate.  Let’s take a look at the Instant Builder v3.0  interface without a theme.  bulb_dim.png  Instructions on how to Edit a page Layout and Content are provided in other knowledge base articles. 

Layout Mode 

1.  Mode:  There are two Modes in the builder:  Content Mode and Layout Mode.  By default, the builder opens in Layout Mode when you create a new page.  The current mode is highlighted on the left hand side.  The below example is in Layout Mode.  


2.  Add + Columns:   is on the left side of the screen.


3.  Column Layout:  You can add 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 column layouts to a page.   


4.   Each column has an Edit Row and Delete button.           


 5.  Page Themes:  this button displays Page Design where you can pick a theme.


6.  Background Settings:  this button opens Page Background settings. 

7.  Page Title:  You can type a new page title in the field. 

8.  Page Type:  Displays the page type (lead, squeeze, thank you page etc.) 

9.  Campaign Pages:  opens the campaign pages screen.   


10.  Page URL:  (does not display in Preload mode)  Gives the web page URL address. 

11.  View Published Page:  (does not display in Preload mode) Displays a preview of the page. 

12.  Changes:  (does not display in Preload mode)  Displays how many changes made since last selected Publish.


13.  Publish Page:  Saves changes you have made to the page.   

14.  Close Builder:  returns you to Instant Customer campaign screens.


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