Campaign Pages IB v3.0

Campaign Pages IB v3.0

When you first launch IB v3.0 a Pages screen is displayed.


The following columns appear on the campaign pages screen:

  • Type:   options available are based on criteria of the campaign template or the options selected when creating a campaign from scratch.
  • Action:  Create, edit and delete pages.
  • Title:  the page title can be changed from original default value.
  • URL:  Select this button to preview the published page. 

Create a Page

  • Select green + icon in the Actions columns. 
  • Now select either:  Option 1: Use a Page Theme or Option 2: Create a Custom Page.  
  • Instructions for both options are found in corresponding knowledge base articles. 


Delete a Page

Select the red trash can icon to delete a page.  bulb_dim.png  Please note this deletion is permanent.


Edit Page

  • Select the blue pencil icon to edit an existing page.  
  • Select Layout Mode if you want to edit the column format.
  • Select Content Mode if you want to change the text, images etc.  
  • bulb_dim.png   To save your changes select  Publish Page button.  
  • To discard changes select Close Builder button instead.




Publish Page 

This button saves your changes. 

Close Builder 

Discards any editing and/or closes builder.


  • Defines a title in the browser toolbar.
  • Provides a title for the page when it is added to favorites.
  • Displays a title for the page in search-engine results.
  • The Title column displays the page Type name by default.  


Change Page Title

  1. Select the blue pencil icon to edit an existing page.
  2. Type in the Page Title field.
  3. Click the Publish button.




Click the button to the left of the page URL to preview the page. 


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