Page Themes - Page Design - Option 1: Use a Page Theme - IB v3.0

Page Themes - Page Design - Option 1: Use a Page Theme - IB v3.0

bulb_dim.png  Please note we are frequently adding new IB v3.0 page themes to our product.  We strongly recommend you start with a Page Theme as they are modeled after modern day web pages.  The themes are editable and merely serve as a starting point for creating your new page.  

1.  From the Campaign dashboard or list view select > EditOpt-in ChannelsWeb Pages Tab > Scroll down until you see the "Use Instant Customer's hosted web page (Instant Builder v3.0)".

2.  Toggle to the On position. 


3.  Now click the Launch Instant Builder v3.0 button.


4.  A Pages screen appears.  The Page Type options available are based on criteria of the campaign template or the options selected when creating a campaign from scratch.


5.  Click on the green + icon to display Page Design screen.  In this example, click the green + button for the Lead Page. 


bulb_dim.png  Changing Themes - Please note:  we recommend you Preview a theme before selecting the Use Theme button as switching themes after your initial save may result in inadvertent design issues. 


6.  Click the Preview button to view the pre-built layout interface page.

7.  Select the Close Preview button in the upper right hand corner. 


8. Select the Use Theme button to display the page builder interface. 


bulb_dim.png  Please see subsequent knowledge base article on the Instant Builder v3.0 interface as well as instructions for editing Instant Builder v3.0 pages.  




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