Getting Started Instant Builder v3.0 - Create from Template

Getting Started Instant Builder v3.0 - Create from Template

bulb_dim.png  Please note we are working hard to add new IB v3.0 campaign templates to our product. 

1.  From the top of the Instant Customer screen, select the option to Create from Template.


2.  Select the desired template denoted with the builder v3 tag.  Under the template title, there is a short description of the template and an orange More link.  The More link provides a description of template purpose. 


3.  Click the Select button to get started. 

4.  Now you see the wizard screen with Option 1 - Fast Custom Setup Wizard or Option 2 - Faster! Express Setup Wizard.  We recommend starting with the Custom Setup Wizard to  help you with the more advanced concepts of building a campaign and to decrease editing time. 


5.  Answer questions presented in the sequence of dialog boxes. 

6.  Upon completion the option to View Campaign or Go to my site appears on the screen.   Keep in mind you can edit your campaign at any time.


    • View campaign option:  This takes you to your campaign dashboard.  Scroll down until you see the My Instant Builder v3.0 Pages.  Click on the orange Preview link to the right of the page URL.2014-07-01_1052.png 
    • Go to my site option:  This takes you directly to your campaign lead page. 

bulb_dim.png  Instructions for editing Instant Builder v3.0 pages are provided in subsequent knowledge base articles. 




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