Create New Login Profiles

Create New Login Profile

Login Profiles are used by IC to post video or audio or image submissions to various social media platforms on your behalf.  In order to post automatically IC is going to need to link to your accounts using your login and password.

bulb_dim.png  All account information is secured and encoded to protect your account credentials. 

Click on the Login Profiles at the top of the screen.



Click on Create New Profile 



Enter in a Profile Title 


There are two methods to validate accounts:


1.  Method One  -  Is used by YouTube & DailyMotion


  • Enter in username (or email) and password
  • Click Validate
    • If the validation was successful, after you select "Save and Exit"  then all  authenticated sites will show the Site Status column displays Active.





2.  Method Two:  Is used by Vimeo (Pro account), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr and Delicious

  • First open a separate tab in your browser (In this example:  Facebook)  2014-03-13_1143.png
  • Login to the site you want to validate 
  • After your successfully login, return to IC
  • Select the Click to Authenticate next to the service name



  • Authenticate - Verified will be displayed.
  • After you select Save and Exit  then all  authenticated sites will show the Site Status column displays Active.
  • and the Site Status column will display Active.
  • Repeat steps for each account

  • Select Save & Exit
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