Customize - Customize Tab - Static Tags

Customize - Customize Tab - Static Tags

The static tags found on the Customize Tab are created when you create a campaign via a custom template wizard.  You can also create your own static tags.

For demonstration purposes use the Start Here - FREE OFFER Lead Page Campaign template.  Click the Select button to launch the Custom Setup Wizard.


When you get to Step 4A: Edit Lead Page Fields you can modify the pre-written copy we have created for you. Simply review each question on the right and replace the text with your own copy.  

When you have completed the wizard you can view, edit or delete your answers on the Customize tab. 

Wizard Screen



Customize Tab



Web Page



Edit Web Page section


To Add, Edit or Delete the static tags

Edit your campaign > Customize tab.

Static Tags have 3 settings:

1) The Tag - you can create and name your own tags. 
2) Description - so you know what the tag is meant to do. 
3) Value - the actual replacement value of the tag.

Example: You want to put in a link to a video 
1) Create your Tag - {video_link_1} 
2) Description - Link to Video One
3) Value -

Use the {video_link_1} tag anywhere in your campaign and / or autoresponders the tag is replaced with the link to the video.  

The value for the {video_link_1} tag can be changed at anytime without having to edit the campaign and / or autoresponder.

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