Email Receipt Validation Passphrase

Email Receipt Validation Passphrase 

What is receipt validation? 

  • Receipt validation is used to offer bonus materials to people who purchase your book.
  • It works when people forward their book purchase receipt, including passphrase, to your campaign.
  • The system checks the receipt for a passphrase, and if it finds it, the subscriber is added to your campaign.
  • Your campaign would then deliver the bonus material. 

How do I enable receipt validation? 
From Campaign Dashboard > Edit > Opt-in channels > Email tab > scroll down to turn ON Subscribe by email > enter Email Alias in the  field > enter Email Receipt Validation Passphrase 

What is an email validation passphrase? 

  • The email validation passphrase is a phrase that you know appears in email receipts for your book, for example, your book title.
  • If you do not include a passphrase, anyone who emails signs up for the campaign.


bulb_dim.png  Please note:  You must instruct your customers to subscribe to this campaign by forwarding their ORIGINAL email receipt with passphrase (no screenshots or pdfs) to: The system checks the receipt to see if it contains the passphrase, and if it can't find it, rejects the email.

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