Replace Greeting - Upload a file from your computer

Replace Greeting -  Upload a file from your computer

bulb_dim.png  Audio Files must be .mp3, .m4a, .aiff, .wav or .mov (audio only).

Use your computer to record an audio file. You can use your favorite recording program  bulb_dim.png  Please note .wma files from Windows Sound Recorder are not compatible.  


Upload from Greeting tab

1.  Select option "Upload a file from your computer:

2.  Click the Choose File button and navigate to the audio file.

3.  Now select Upload button.

4.  Please allow file processing time.  This can take up to 30-40 min depending upon your file size.



Upload to Media Center 

  1. Click the Add Files tab.
  2. Use the Flash-Based Bulk File Uploader to select and upload your audio file.  2014-03-20_1130.png
  3. The audio file appears in your Media Center on the Audio Files tab.
  4. Once the file is in the media center, you can use it as your campaign's greeting by selecting it in Campaign> Edit> Opt-in Channels> Greeting tab.


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