Opt-in Channels - Greeting Tab

Opt-in Channels - Greeting Tab

You can use your computer or phone to create and upload an audio file for use as a greeting or voicemail.

We suggest creating the audio file on your computer, then uploading it through the Media Center. However, we offer a number of options.

Once you've uploaded your file, you can listen to it in the Media Center on the Audio files tab. 

Instant Customer uses a default greeting message that your callers will hear



Replace default message with your custom recording

Options include:

  • Upload a file from your computer
  • Record a file using Instant Customer's inbuilt teleprompter and Instant Recorder
  • If you use an iPhone, use the Voice Memo or Camera app to record your message. Then click Share and enter the email address: to have it sent directly into the system.
  • Chose a file from your existing audio files on Instant Customer



  • Listen to your custom greeting on the Campaign Dashboard.  Scroll down until you see the Audio Greeting.



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