Embed Web Form - Use Web Form

Embed Web Form - Use Web Form

On the bottom of your campaign's dashboard, you'll find different types of Web form embed code. 


bulb_dim.png  Please note:  there is form code on the details page as soon as the campaign is created, but the code will not work until you do the following:

1.  Turn On the web form switch.

2.  Launch & Save the Instant Builder for the form.

3.  Launch & Save the Instant Builder for your Lead Page.



Which web form code do I want?

Which code you want depends on what you're trying to do.

Lead Page iFrame 


The iFrame URL actually inserts your entire lead page, not just your web form into an existing website. Not commonly used.


Web Form iFrame

The Web Form URL inserts an iFrame containing your web form. Most people start here.
Pros: Easy to use. This is the only code where changes made in the Web Form builder are instantly updated on your page.  
Cons: Hard to customize beyond what is in the web form builder. May not fit everywhere.
Use this when:  You're first starting out. You don't need to customize your form. You're unfamiliar with HTML. 




Web Form HTML

This is the HTML that will produce a form like the one you see in the Instant Builder.

The fields displayed are selected from Opt In Channels > Fields Tab
Pros: Fairly easy to use. Customizable.
Cons: May not fit everywhere.
Use this when: The Web Form URL doesn't work. The form is almost right and just needs a little tweak. You know basic HTML. 


Un-styled Web Form HTML
This is just the bare bones of the web form. It contains the fields you specify, but none of the color, size, font, or other formatting.

Pros: No formatting to conflict with your existing page.
Cons: May be hard to use. All formatting must be custom.
Use this when: None of the other forms work. You need to style the form to fit your page.


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