Campaign Details - Name & Owner Tab

Campaign Details - Name & Owner Tab

Fields on this tab are automatically populated with data from your Profile & Preferences.  You can change the information by deleting existing information & typing in new information.  

Campaign Status:  Active or Paused. 

Paused Campaign

  • Pages are still active but do not accept subscribers.
  • Autoresponders are not triggered. 

Campaign Name 

  • Is mainly used by you to identify your campaign.  
  • It is also used as the default campaign name for SMS autoresponder confirmation messages. However, the SMS autoresponder campaign name can be changed on the SMS / Voice tab.

Example for SMS:
To: +18663063995;
From: 46737494551;
Text Message: To receive msgs from <Campaign_name>, respond "AGREE" to opt-in. STOP to opt-in. STOP to stop, HELP for help. Msg&Data rates may apply. 1 msg/week.  

The Owner Website, Owner Name, Owner Nickname, Owner Phone are mainly used by you to identify your campaign owner. This is helpful in case you are reviewing your sub accounts.

The Owner Email is used as the From address in Email Autoresponders.


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