Campaign Broadcast Tab Brief Overview

Campaign Broadcast Tab Brief Overview

  Please Note: To ensure accuracy in your target audience as well as reporting; never reuse / resend a broadcast that has a status of Completed.

 The  Broadcast  tab has the following options:  

  • Add SMS: manually add a SMS Broadcast.
  • Add Email: add Email Broadcast.
  • Add Voice Mail: add voicemail Broadcast.
  • Add Disc: no longer valid and will be removed from the program.
  • Add Card: no longer valid and will be removed from the program.

Broadcasts Columns:

  • Message: You can Edit, Delete or view Activity Log here by hovering the mouse over the message snippet.  


  • Execute Time:  Time it is scheduled to send out.  
  • Status:  Displays if broadcasts is Pending or Completed.
  • Audience:  Displays name(s) of the broadcast Target Audience (All Campaigns or selected campaigns)
  • Total Sent/Replies Received:  shows how many times the message was sent and/or received.  For example:  If an email is sent 12 times but is only received 11 times, you might be dealing with an email bounce.  The activity log would provide additional details. 
  • Opens/Unopened: displays percentage % rate of sent messages that were opened.  20% is an average.
  • Clicks/Not Clicked:  If you are using the Click Through URL  to track "clicks" on the link you provide in your html email message.  
  • Unsubscribed:  Shows the number of opt-outs from the mandatory unsubscribe link at the bottom of your message. 
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