Buy Buttons - Paypal & Amazon IB 2.0

Buy Buttons - Paypal & Amazon

Instant Builder 2.0


Buy buttons are buttons that send your customer to a PayPal or Amazon purchase page. If the customer purchases from that page, Instant Customer will be notified of the purchase.  You can use a premade Paypal or Amazon Buy Button inside of Instant Customer.   

To add a buy button:

  1. From your web page Click the green + Screen_Shot_2013-01-21_at_11.02.14_AM.pngin the upper left hand corner of the page section.  
  2. Select Buy Button from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter in Product Name and Price
  4. Select Currency:  2014-03-27_0916.png
  5. Select Payment Method:  
  6. Paypal or Amazon  2014-03-27_0918.png                                 2014-03-27_0918_001.png
  7. Select a product buttons from the selection or a custom image from your Media Center.
  8. Save.




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