Horizontal Web Form

Horizontal Web Form

If you are in need of a horizontal web form you can easily modify IC Web Form HTML (no styling).  This article assumes you have already selected the fields for your web form as well as turned On the setting to "Create a Web Form".2014-06-18_0944.png


1.  First you will need to open a Real-time HTML Editor.  There are many free online options just do a search for "real time html editor".  In this example we will use


2.  Now go to your campaign dashboard and scroll down to the Embed Code section.

3.  From the Web Form HTML (no styling) tab copy the code located in the box.


4.  Now paste it into the real-time html editor.  In this example, the screen should look similar to this image.





5.  You will need to find the table row elements both opening <tr> and closing tags </tr> and delete them.

6.  Once they are removed your web form should look similar to this example:2014-06-18_0954.png

7.  To test your new form, simply subscribe via the fields in the real time html editor.  If everything is working correctly the new subscriber should appear in your campaign.

8.  You can now paste the newly edited form into your page.


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