International Compatibility FAQ

International Compatibility FAQ

Why does the system not save mobile numbers if people do not key in the + on the form?  The company we work with requires the + for international numbers.  If you know your audience will not instinctively type in the + you  need to provide them clear directions instructing them to do so. 

Why do I need to get a local number for SMS if you can't use SMS to landlines?  We bundle our ability to text with a local number.  Bundled package includes 2 Numbers: 

  1. One Unique National Number  for Voice 
  2. One Shared Number for text (keyword required)

How do I change the language on the buttons?

Instant Builder 3.0 

You can use the Custom Button Label and / or use a button uploaded to your Media Center.


Instant Builder 2.0 & 1.0

Unfortunately, at this point in time there is not a built-in way to change the language on a button. However it can easily be achieved:  You can search for a button generator program such as this then you can upload your new button.


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