Tips for Testing Campaigns

Tips for Testing Campaigns

Testing your campaign is essential! 

System Blocks Duplicates

bulb_dim.png  Please remember when testing your campaigns that the system blocks duplicates.  You need to delete your subscriber record, then re-subscribe, to get a new set of your autoresponder messages.  Subscribers are deleted from the Subscriber tab of campaign dashboard or the "Unsubscribe" link found in the message.  


Test Web Form

To test a web form multiple times on the same computer, you must enable 'kiosk' mode.  Turn this setting On: Edit the campaign > go to Opt-In Channels > Fields tab > On - Allow multiple people to fill out web form using the same computer (kiosk mode). 


How to Subscribe:

Be sure to Subscribe to your campaign through all available subscription opt-in methods.  This allows you to test whether or not the opt-in methods are working as intended.  bulb_dim.png  Please note:  this cost points, but it is essential you view your campaign through the eyes of your subscribers.

From the list find your newly created campaign, hover over the title, and select View.  You see your Campaign Dashboard.  Scroll down to view and test the various subscription (opt-in) methods in your campaign under the How to Subscribe section.  To preview and subscribe via a web page setup in Instant Customer simply click the URL.  


First run your autoresponder and/or broadcast content through a spam content checker.  

There are many free & paid online spam checking services such as: or  We do not endorse any particular company so please exercise due diligence when using a spam checking service.                     

Send a Test Message (Autoresponders & Broadcasts)

  • Timing of Autoresponders & Broadcasts:  some email service providers spam filters trigger when email autoresponders and/or broadcasts are sent back to back (within minutes of one another).  The subscriber might receive the first email but not the second.  If you see this happening in your campaign, try adjusting the second email autoresponder to go out about 10 minutes after the first one. 
  • Emails:  Send a test email autoresponder and/or broadcast message to your personal email.  It is recommended you test with multiple email address accounts to ensure your message is not blocked by a spam filter (there are many free email services available). 
  • Before saving your email autoresponder turn on the option “Send a test copy of this message upon saving”.


  • SMS:   send a test SMS autoresponder and/or broadcast message to your phone.  

 send_test_sms.png no_points.png


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