SMS Message Keyword

SMS Message Keyword

Requires Local Number

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  Before you can create an SMS message keyword you first need a local phone number; Toll-free numbers cannot send or receive SMS.  

One Word - No Spaces

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  Keywords must be one word, no spaces. If you save the keyword "Instant Customer" with a space, your keyword is "InstantCustomer" without the space. If you then text in "Instant Customer" you are going to get added to the campaign that uses the keyword "Instant". 

Add Keyword to Campaign

  1. After making your phone number selection Save & Exit.
  2. Go back to Opt In Channels > SMS/Voice tab
  3. Enter the text into the Edit SMS Keyword field
  4. Select Check Availability button.


Now the SMS keyword shortcode option under How to Subscribe on your campaign dashboard.

2014-04-28_1632.pngShared Number and Keywords:

Keywords can be used through all of our shared phone numbers at any time:

  • US: 58885 (shortcode is US only)
  • US: +18585983980
  • Canada: +16048002756
  • Australia: +61429883462
  • UK: +447624803816
  • Sweden: +46737494551
  • Switzerland: +41798070078

The above numbers are always available for use, even if they are not listed in your campaign's details page, you can still text into them. However, the system always responds through its preferred phone number. So if you are in Australia, you can text to the UK number, and the system accepts your subscription and respond through the Australian number. 

Losing keywords:

  • Keywords are attached to the campaign, but the campaign must have a local phone number associated with it to hold a keyword.
  • If the campaign does not have a phone number associated with it, the keyword is removed from the campaign and available to everyone.
  • Keywords are not associated with phone numbers. However, since keywords require a local phone number, if you remove the phone number from the campaign, the keyword is lost.

Common keyword problems:

1.  Names causing collisions

  • We ask people not to, but some people have claimed proper names as keywords increasing the possibility of collisions when two keywords are in the same SMS message using a shared shortcode or shared phone number.  
  • What does that mean? Let's say someone has claimed the proper name keyword "John", and you're using the keyword "Free". If your client John Smith texts to a shared number "John Smith Free" instead of being "John Smith" being subscribed to the "Free" campaign, "Smith Free" will be subscribed to the "John" campaign.
  • How do I keep that from happening?  Order matters! The first keyword has priority. To prevent collisions, give your subscribers clear instructions to text in the keyword followed by their name and email. If your subscriber sends in "Free John Smith" then he'll end up in your campaign. Alternatively, simply have them text in the bare keyword and get their name and email through followup autoresponders.

2.  Autocorrect

  • Smartphones love to autocorrect. If your keyword is a compound word or a misspelling, autocorrect may make it difficult for subscribers to get into your campaign.
  • For example, if your keyword is "InstantCustomer" smartphones autocorrect to "Instant Customer" and the subscriber never arrive. If your keyword is "Freez" phones may autocorrect to "Frees" and unless your subscriber notices, they will not get subscribed.


Can I move a keyword from one campaign to another?

Yes. Delete the keyword, save and exit, and then reclaim the keyword in another campaign.

Can I prevent someone from stealing my keyword while I transfer it?

No, but no one is going to steal your keyword in the 10 seconds it takes to delete it from one campaign and transfer it to another.


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