Opt-in Channels - SMS / Voice Tab

Opt-in Channels - SMS / Voice Tab

Your actual campaign phone number(s) are separate from your account and/owner phone numbers.  

  • The account owner (or Company) phone number is setup in the View Profile > Contact Information tab. 
  • The campaign owner phone is setup in Campaign Details > Name & Owner tab.
  • The Campaign Phone options are found in Opt In Channels > SMS/Voice tab.



Your options are:

  • Use Instant Customer's shared default number that requires subscribers to use a PIN # (for eg: +1 (866) 306-3995 and PIN#:99999 )  use_ICphone.png
  • Use one of your existing IC phone number
    • Local Number
    • Toll Free Number
    • Outbound Caller ID for Direct to Voicema
  • Add a new Instant Customer phone number.

bulb_dim.png  It is best practice to use a phone number unique to the campaign so subscribers don't have to enter the many digits required when using a shared number.


Information for adding phone numbers can be found here:


SMS Message Keyword

To create a SMS message keyword:

  1. After making your phone number selection Save & Exit.
  2. Go back in to the Opt In Channels > SMS/Voice tab
  3. Enter the text into the Edit SMS Keyword field
  4. Select Check Availability button.



SMS / Voice Campaign Subscription Numbers

Your SMS / Voice phone selections will be displayed on your Campaign Dashboard in the How to Subscribe section.  This area displays various connect methods in your campaign




Call Forwarding - Call Routing

Routing options

1.  How do you want to transfer the call?

  • Auto route at the beginning of the call
  • Callers must press 1 to route call

2.  Route call to: 


bulb_dim.png  Please Note:  IC can only track length of the call if it stays within our providers system. Once the call leaves our providers system we can not track the length of the call.  Any call time duration that is displayed is the time it is taking for our system to get a call completed ping back into our system. Sometimes this ping is never sent so there is no information. 

SMS Confirmation Campaign Name

This is the text that will be sent to subscribers when they're sent an opt-in SMS message. It should reflect the name of your campaign or business. A short description is recommended so the text is not cut off (40 characters).

The confirmation message is as follows: "Text Msg: To receive messages from (name), respond "AGREE" to opt-in.  Messages and data rates may apply  6 msg / week."


SMS messages frequency

Please do not exceed the frequency without good reason as it may negatively impact the percieved value of your campaign.



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