Green Dot - Red Dot - Blue Dot - Subscribers

Green Dot -  Red Dot - Blue Dot - Subscribers

A green dot = that they have opted in and agreed to accept communication by SMS or email.

A red dot = they have not agreed to accept communication by SMS or email.

A blue dot = an International SMS number (not a SMS number from United States). 

The method of opt in depends on what will show as an opt-in.  

  • If subscriber opts-in via mobie phone then SMS column will automatically turn green.
  • If subscriber opts-in via email on web form then SMS will be red until they respond to the systems SMS opt-in message asking them to agree to receive messages.  


Double Opt-In for Email Addresses


  • If you turn on double opt-in for email, those dots will turn green when the subscriber clicks through on their email opt-in. If you've turned on double opt-in (by default double opt-in for email is off), then green dots mean the subscriber is receiving email, and the red dots mean they aren't.


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