Import Subscribers

Import Subscribers

List import into TPNI Engage requires these steps:

1. Download our affidavit form here

2. Complete the affidavit:

Requestor Information

  • Your Name
  • Your Engage login email address

List Owner Information

  • Company Name
  • Company Contact
  • Campaign Name (Include campaign #)
  • When did you last email to this list?
  • Please tell us how your list was compiled.
  • Did it come from your website, a trade show, or from meeting with your customers? 


  • I have not purchased this list
  • I have not rented or borrowed this list
  • I have not email appended this list
  • I have not harvested these email from the web
  • My recipients recognize my name/ company name/ brand name and are expecting to receive emails from me.

3. Get the affidavit notarized. List attached to non-notarized affidavits will not be imported.

4. Prepare your campaign for import:
bulb_dim.png  Add to your campaign any custom fields that are in your list. Edit Campaign > Opt In Channels > Fields tab > scroll down to Add more Fields.  For example, if your list has a "Favorite Color" field, add a custom field named "Favorite Color" to your campaign, otherwise your custom field may be lost on import.


bulb_dim.png  Immediate autoresponders Instantly After Subscribed will not be triggered by an import. If you want your immediate autoresponders to go out to the imported list, set them to a five minute delay.



bulb_dim.png  Delayed autoresponders Later After Subscribed will be triggered for imported subscribers. If you do not want your autoresponders to trigger for your entire imported list, disable them before import.  



5. Prepare your list for import.

Your list should be formatted to conform to Instant Customer's fields, e.g. first name, last name, address, city, zip, and so on should be individual fields. Remove any special characters from the list, as special characters may interfere with list import.

6. Once everything is ready, submit a support ticket.

Attach to the support ticket:
• A scanned version of your affidavit.
• Your list in .csv format.

bulb_dim.png  Imports may take up to 48 hours, plan ahead so you have plenty of time to verify your list and prepare your outgoing messages.

bulb_dim.png  Due to the strict rules carriers place on SMS marketing, phone numbers will not be imported.


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