Using Instant Builder 2.0

Using Instant Builder 2.0

Choose the Page to Work On

Click on the corresponding tab to edit a page..



Hover over Themes to see the variety of layouts available for this page type. When building a page from scratch, feel free to try them out to see what works best for the campaign. 

bulb_dim.png  Please Note:  Changing themes after formatting the page is not recommended as you may lose your content.


Editing Images

Hover over the top of an image to view available commands.  


To change an image:

  • Click Edit
  • Select an image from your Media Center
  • Set Width and Height (Maintain aspect ration is recommended)
  • Set Border Size (px)
  • Set Border Color
  • Input Image tag


Editing Text

Hover over the top of a block of text to view commands.  


Select Edit, make changes using the editor and then Save.


Moving Elements

Hover over the top of an element to view available options.


Click Reorder, then drag & drop the item where you want it.  bulb_dim.pngPlease Note:  You can only move items within a respective section (Header/Body/Footer).

Adding New Elements / Objects

To add a new element, click the Green Dot with the white + sign, in the top-left of a section. 


Choose an element from the list and it will be added to the page.  


bulb_dim.png  Please Note:  By default the element is added at the top of the section.  You need to click Reorder then drag & drop it.

Removing Elements

To delete an element, simply hover over it and use the Remove command.


bulb_dim.png  Please Note: There is no "undo" command at this time, so use the Remove option carefully! You can always close the browser tab without saving to discard all changes and start over.

Expanding an Area

You can resize an element's area by hovering over the element and clicking Expand then dragging the red border at the bottom of the element.



Save changes in builder and then Save & Exit the campaign.

2014-04-09_0945.png  2014-04-09_0946.png


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