Videos - Add, Edit Remove

Videos - Add, Edit Remove

Add Videos to Page

If not using a video embed code:  first make sure all of your videos are uploaded to the Media Center.  This can take time so be patient.  The longer the video, the longer it takes to upload.    


Go to Campaign> EditOpt-in Channels> Web Pages Tab > Scroll down and click button Launch Instant Builder 2.0.

Select the page where you want to insert a video.

Click the green +  Screen_Shot_2013-01-21_at_11.02.14_AM.png in the upper left hand corner of video section. 


Click Video object.


On the Insert Video screen choose either Select Video or Embed Code.

If Select Video:  

  • Click button "Click here to select Video"
  • Select a video from the list of videos in the Media Center.
  • There are checkbox options to Autoplay or Show Controls.
  • Save.
  • Repeat process to select additional videos.


If Embed Code:

  • Paste code into the Embed Code box.
  • Save
  • Repeat process to Embed Code for additional videos.


Editing Videos

Hover over the top of a video to view the commands.  Now select Edit.  On the Insert Video screen choose either Select Video or Embed Code.  Save your changes


Remove Video

To delete a video, simply hover over it and use the Remove command.

bulb_dim.png  Please Note: There is no "undo" command at this time, so use the Remove option carefully! You can always close the browser tab without saving to discard all changes and start over.



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