Embed YouTube Video

Embed YouTube Video 

Add YouTube videos and playlists to a website or blog by embedding it.

From YouTube Page

Here’s how to embed a video:

  1. Click the Share link under the video.
  2. Click the Embed link.
  3. Copy the code provided in the expanded box.


Inside Instant Customer

  1. Go to Campaign> EditOpt-in ChannelsWeb Pages Tab > Scroll down and click button Launch Instant Builder 2.0.
  2. Select the page where you want to insert a video.
  3. Click the green +  Screen_Shot_2013-01-21_at_11.02.14_AM.png in the upper left hand corner of video section. 2014-03-25_0827.png
  4. Click Video object.2014-03-25_0838.png
  5. On the Insert Video screen choose Embed Code.
  6. Paste code into the Embed Code box.2014-03-25_0839.png
  7. Save
  8. Repeat process to Embed Code for additional videos.





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