Instant Livecast Campaign - Add Chat - Google + Hangout On Air

Instant Livecast Campaign - Add Chat - Google + Hangout On Air

To fully utilize the Instant Livecast Campaign, you need to have an embed code allows you to stream a Google Plus Hangout On Air live on your own website.

If you choose to set up your Chat after you set up your campaign details:

1.  Click on the Edit button in the campaign dashboard

2.  Go to the Customize Tab.

3.  Create tag {chat_embed_code}

4.  Paste the embed code into the value column for the {chat_embed_code} tag.


Chat Embed Code Example

<iframe src="" width="420" height="400" frameborder="0" scrolling="0">Please contact us at if you cant embed the chatbox</iframe>

5.  Inside your Instant Builder page, add a Text element with green + button.

6.  Paste the {chat_embed_code} tag into the box.

7.  Save

8.  Save again, then Save & Exit campaign.

9.  The Chatwing box will appear on the live page.

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