Privacy Policy - Terms

Privacy Policy - Terms 

The easiest way to create links to Privacy Policy and/or Terms is to create them as a .pdf and upload them to the Media Center. PDF documents can automatically open within the browser window.

You can also link to Privacy Policy and/or Terms hosted on another page or website.

In this example, a link is created to Privacy Policy & Terms .pdf documents.

1.  Upload your documents to the Media Center.

2.  Find the documents and Copy the URL


 3.  Paste the URL into a text editor such as notepad.


In this example:  Terms URL is & Privacy URL is

4.  Inside Instant Builder select the page you want your Privacy Policy and Terms.

5.  Click the green + button  to insert an object and select HTML

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 11.02.14 AM.png


6.  Paste the URLs for both Terms & Privacy Policy into the HTML Embed code box


7.  Now add the HTML markup required to make a hyperlink.

The syntax is in bold    <a href="urltopdfhere">name</a> 

<a href="">Terms</a> -

<a href="">Privacy Policy</a>



8.  Save

9.  Save & Exit

10.  Click on the links from the page to test.






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