Video Blog Page

Video Blog Page

1.  First make sure all of your videos are uploaded to the Media Center.  This can take time so be patient.  The longer the video, the longer it takes to upload.    


2.  Now you are going to setup your Video Blog Page inside your campaign. 


  • Select Edit then Opt-In Channels, there you should see a Web Pages tab.
  • Turn On the Use Instant Builder 2.0 option.
  • For this example, turn On the following pages:  Lead Page,  Thank You Page and Video Blog Page.
  • Now Launch Instant Builder 2.0


3.  Inside the Instant Builder 2.0 page select a theme and customize the look of the page.


  • The Lead Page is where client would enter their information.
  • Once they submit their information the Thank You Page is displayed.


In this example, the Thank You Page instructs user that they will soon receive a link to all of my German Shepherd Training Videos via an email autoresponder.thanks_page.png

4.  Edit your Video List Page by hovering over the section you wish to edit.   

  • You can Reorder, Copy, Edit, Expand and Remove these sections.
  • Now Edit the Video List links by hovering over the text and selecting Edit.edit_video_list.png
  • Type in a Video Title and Video Description


  • Select video or Embed Code of video you wish to correspond with list item.
  • Save your changes.
  • Repeat process for all items listed in your Video Blog Page.


5.  Now edit the Video Blog Page.  The video blog page is simply a page to house the video for play, think of it as a frame or movie screen.


6. Now that you have all pages setup, select Save to leave the instant builder.  Save again!!

7.  Now setup the email Autoresponder referenced on the Thank You Page.

  • Remember the link takes them to the Video List Page.  
  • The subscriber clicks on Video Title in the list, and the video is displayed on the Video Blog Page


  • From Campaign Dashboard select the Autoresponders Tab.    
  • Create a new autoresponder to send to new subscribers once they subscribe. 


  •  Insert/Edit a link to the Video List Page.



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