Instant Customer with Live Google Hangout Event

Instant Customer with Live Google Hangout Event


bulb_dim.png  Please note because the live event is hosted outside of Instant Customer, attendance actions can not be tracked.  Therefore, IC can not send  corresponding autoresponders.  You can use a Click Through URL to track "clicks" on the link you provide in your html email message.  Please see knowledge base article for Google Hangout On Air to track attendance for a live event.


  • Google+  Account
  • Hangout Plugin Installed.
  • Web cam if you plan on video & do not have one built into your computer.
  • Instant Customer 2.0 Lead and Thank You Pages.


  1.  From Home page of Google + account select the Event button on left hand side of the screen under the Home menu.
  2. Now select Plan a Hangout button. gh_plan_button.png
  3. An Event screen appears.  Here you need to customize your event settings such as:
      • Theme (you can upload your own photo 1200x300 px is recommended size)
      • Event Options - Under Advanced - select Event is Online Only
      • Enter in Event Date & Event Timegh_end_time.png
      • bulb_dim.png  Please note Hangout Event URLs are temporary.  If you foresee using the same Event in the future, you need to set the Event End Date and Time.  
      • Enter in any details
      • Save
      • Now Click the Share button to make this a public event.
      • Invite yourself to this event.  This email provides information you need later:  Date/Time and URL link with an authorization key if the event is not public.  


4.  From your Upcoming Events select the Hangouts link.


5.  This provides you with the URL of the Live Hangout Even for a Public Event.


If your event is not public you will need to use the URL found in the Invite email you sent to yourself in step 



6.  Embed the Live Hangout Event URL into your Autoresponder email.  This email is sent to the subscriber after they enter submit their information on the Lead Page.  If you want to track the Click Through URL, be sure to put your google hangout URL in the field and then use the {click_url} tag in the message.




7.  Now customer can subscribe to the campaign via Lead Page.




8.  Once they receive the autoresponder email they can click the link to the event page.










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