Instant Customer with Live Google Hangouts On Air

Instant Customer with Live Events with Google Hangouts On Air


Live events through Google Hangouts On Air might be used when you are wanting to establish an  interactive yet personal relationship with your audience. These events might be well suited for existing subscribers of a membership campaign who are expecting an exclusive and significant experience.  Google Hangouts On Air interactive features include but are not limited to:  Chat, Screenshare, Q & A, Voice and a variety of add-on apps.

The Event Notificatioin System template is suitable for live events with Google Hangouts On Air:  

  • It sends a welcome SMS confirmation message.
  • You can set up SMS messages to subscribers cell phone reminding them when and where the event  takes place.  event_start_SMS.png

bulb_dim.png  Please note: due to the nature of a live event (event length variations due to questions, comments, late arrivals, etc.) some of the Attendance Actions may not be recorded properly and  thus do not send out the corresponding.  You can use a Click Through URL to track "clicks" on the link you provide in your html email message. 



Prerequisite:  Click here for detailed Getting Started instructions.

    • Google+  Account
    • Hangouts Plugin Installed (latest version)
    • Web cam if you plan on video & do not have one built into your computer.
    • Headphones with Microphone (improves video call experience).
    • Instant Customer 2.0 Lead and Thank You Pages
    • YouTube - Connect Account & Verification process.


  1. From Home page of Google + account select the Event button on left hand side of the screen under the Home menu.
  2. Now select Plan a Hangout button. gh_plan_button.png
  3. An Event screen  appears.  Here you need to customize your event settings such as:


    • Theme (you can upload your own photo 1200x300 px is recommended size)
    • Event Options -
    • Under Advanced - select Make this an event on air
    •  (this will not automatically launch an on-air event, but it lets people know that the event will be broadcast).
    • You should now see the red On-Air displayed



    • Enter in Event Date & Event Time
    • bulb_dim.png  Please note Hangout Event URLs are temporary.  If you foresee using the same Event in the future, you  need to set the Event End Date and Time.  
    • Enter in any details
    • Save 

  4.  From your Hangouts On Air page select the Start Hangout on Air button.

  • Name your hangout
  • Launch your hangout with Start Hangout on Air button.


5.  In the bottom right hand corner select the Links option. 



6.  Here is the Event Page (or You Tube URL) as well as a Video Embed code.

7.  Copy the Event Page (or You Tube URL) into the field labeled YouTube URL in  the Advanced Edit Options for your Upcoming Events Scheduled Event  /


Google Plus Event YouTube Field

8.  Now  decide if you want to either send the subscriber directly to embed the Live Hangout Event URL or embed the Video Code into your event page in Instant Customer.

9.  If you want to send the subscriber directly to the Live Hangout On Air event put the Event Page (or You Tube URL)  into your Autoresponder email. 



 10.  If you want to display the Live Hangout on Air in your Instant Customer Event Page.  

  • Go to your Event Page
  • Launch IB 2.0
  • Highlight the video portion of screen
  • Select Edit
  • Now paste in the video code
  • Save your changes








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