Cue Points Tab

Cue Points Tab

Cue Points are simply set time spots in the video. The Call to Action is something that you want someone to do -- go to a URL, buy something, click a Learn More button -- these are all calls to action. 

You need a cue point to indicate where the call to action is set in a webinar. Using Instant Customer, you can set a cue point to show a call to action. For example, during your webinar, you could set a cue point at 2 minutes in to display a "Bonus Offer" button. The time is the Cue Point. The Bonus Offer button in this example is the Call to Action.



To use Cue Points:

  1. Turn On Cue points
  2. Select the Cue points mode.  Options are Simple and Advanced (multiple cue points)
  3. If using Simple mode select the cue point time.
  4. Enter in the URL of the sales page, this can be a page hosted with IC or another website.
  5. Select Cue point image.

You see Cue points is enabled on campaign dashboard screen.  cue_enabled.png

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