Event Schedule Tab

Event Schedule Tab

The available options shown on this tab directly correspond with the selected Event Type.

If you selected an On Demand Event - The Event automatically starts after user registers on your lead page. The screen looks like this because an "On demand event" does not require and event schedule. 


If you selected a One Time Event

  1. You need to select an Event Date for the event.  The system will auto populate field with the current date, but you can click in the field to select a date from the calendar.  
  2. Now Select a Time for the event.  
  3. Select "On", if you would like the event to be available "On-Demand" after the scheduled event has completed.  
  4. Now select the Event Duration (hours, minutes and seconds), this should mirror  the length of your video and or audio file.


If you selected a Recurring Event


  1. Enter the date range for the event.
  2. Select days to run on:  Example: If you don't want your event to run on weekends, then only select M,T,W,T,F
  3. Add the time slot options by selecting time and clicking on "Add this time option".
  4. Select On/Off depending on preference for allowing clients to pick the event time slots. 

bulb_dim.png  You should always allow your clients to pick their event time slot, this greatly increase attendance numbers.

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